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Farms that BackDoor Bistro works with to bring you Fresh, Organic, and Local food...

>Lockewood Acres Vacaville, CA

  • Lockewood Acres strives to grow the best food in the most responsible way. 

  • Through organic farming and other sustainable agriculture practices, they nurture the community and the earth. 

  • Using heritage seeds and breeds, they carry on the agricultural traditions of the past to bring you and your family a healthy and delicious future.

>Mary's Chickens

  •    All of Mary's chickens grow naturally with plenty of room to roam in a caring environment on ranches in sunny California. 

  • Mary’s Chickens are fed a high quality vegetable diet with no animal by-products or additives. Every effort is made to treat the chickens as humanely as possible throughout the production process.

>Niman Ranch

  • Niman Ranch and its U.S. family farmers and ranchers raise livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably to deliver the finest tasting meat in the world. 

  • When you choose Niman Ranch all-natural meats, you’re supporting U.S. family farmers and ranchers, the highest standards for animal care practices, the best antibiotic and hormone free meat and environmentally sustainable agriculture. 

>Ocho Verde Farm Vacaville,CA

  • A family-operated organic produce farm located in Pleasants Valley. 

  • Operates year-round selling seasonal fruits and vegetables. 

  • Everyone at Ocho Verde has a common goal of wanting to grow healthy, natural food for local people. 

>TerraFirma Farms  Winters, CA

  • Terra Firma is located in Winters, which is one of the oldest fruit and vegetable growing regions in Northern California.

  • Microclimates and different soil types allow them to produce almost 100 different crops each year

  •  They strive to practice ecologically sustainable agriculture that protects and builds the soil, provides habitat for wildlife, conserves energy and water, and produces healthier, more nutritious fruits and vegetables

>Full Belly Farm Capay Valley, CA

  • Full Belly Farm is a certified organic farm located in the beautiful Capay Valley of northern California. 

  • Committed to fostering sustainability on all levels, from fertility in the soil and care for the environment, to stable employment for farm workers. 

  • Strive to be good stewards of their farm, so that this future generations may continue to be nourished by the healthy and vibrant food that is produced. 
  • Certified organic since 1985.

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